Company Secretarial Services

New Company Act 2016 simplifies incorporation, disclosure & compliance requirements on business entrepreneurs. This comes at a price of enforcement efficiency by SSM. Moreover, SSM has increased the penalties on non-compliances in order to enhance the corporate governance in Malaysia. The above are essential to improve the competitiveness of Malaysia.

Teh & Partners believes company secretarial can never be treated as a complimentary clerical service to our valued clients. Company secretarial services are essential to create solid ground for successful entrepreneurship.

Company secretarial as a complimentary clerical service?

  1. Delay in preparing required secretarial documents. Consequently, business expansion may be delayed.
  2. Delay in updating secretarial records. External stakeholders (i.e. Bank, Suppliers & Auditor) may be confused on the latest status on “Charges”, “Directorship” and “Shareholders”.
  3. Incomplete secretarial records. Decisions made previously cannot be verified. Consequently, decision making will be slowed down and authorisation may be abused.
  4. Secretarial documents prepared by admin clerks are not counter checked. Consequently, the documents may have “unreasonable errors”. Erroneous secretarial documents & SSM forms will affect corporate branding and quality image. In addition, rectification of errors may again slow down the business expansion.
  5. Poor reminder communication for compliance due dates. Entrepreneurs who concentrate on business operation and expansion may be surprised by huge late submission compound due to poor reminder communication.
  6. Poor communication with tax agent and auditor may affect the quality of business decisions.

Our Services

The above problems come with extensive hidden costs to the company. Our professional secretarial services will also treat it as an important pillar to uphold a business to success. We want to help you to take care of your secretarial services with reasonable fees. You can safely put behind your concern on the above mentioned hidden costs. We committed to reward you with additional time on your business’s strategic objectives. We will provide you with timely & complete secretarial services to assist you to compete with your competitors.

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