Business Consultation Services

Teh & Partners committed in providing quality business consultation services to SME entrepreneurs. We recognised that SME entrepreneurs are left behind from quality business consultation due to inherent lower affordability to pay for the services. The above cyclical effect will slow down the competitiveness of most of the SME in Malaysia.

Teh & Partners is continuously putting effort to improve the above situation. We want to reduce the costs of quality consultation through digitalisation, training and replication of the Share Economic Model (e.g. Grab Car, Airbnb etc). We are introducing a Zero commitment cost for business consultation program. Feel free to WhatsApp us for Free inquiries & consultation.

We believe digitalisation will help to harmonise the inequality between business demand and supply of quality consultants. We committed to develop business software to help SME entrepreneurs to identify operational and financial problems earlier so that SME entrepreneurs can engage quality consultants for hand on rectification.

In addition, we are focus in becoming the key opinion leader (KOL) for consultation services beyond our specialization. In this perspective, we are trying to connect business entrepreneurs to independent specialists in various functional services. Teh & Partners believes that this is the true spirit of a one-stop solutions provider.

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